White grapes in the trailer, ready for winemaking

We are taking from you all the hassle of organizing a party: give us the place and the time and we will make sure our wine will be dropped at your doorsteps for you to enjoy it. 


Need to make a gift to someone special? What more special then sending a bottle of wine (or maybe two)? We can take care of it for you ,deliver your gift and make someone very happy.

Wine tasting – Why not taste the wine in the intimacy of your home, with the people you like. We can join you and have a tasting session online. We will send you the wines for the tasting.

Just let us know and we will send the wine


Feel like not going out and just enjoying a calm evening, stretching your legs and reading a book but you would fancy a glass of your favourite wine? No problem. We are a click away. Let us be there for you and bring you the bottle of wine you long for.

Beautiful White Grapes in our Vineyard