Beautiful sky above our vineyard

Domeniile Dumbrava is a family-owned, family-led vineyard nestled in the sunny hills of Dealu Mare; Tohani D.O.C. area.


The vineyard estate was established at the beginning of the XX century by the Bagdat family who owned, besides this domain, a part of the surrounding hills dedicated to farming and almonds plantation.


The coming of the communist regime meant, as for so many others in Dealu Mare, the confiscation of the vineyard and collectivisation of the land.


The events in December 1989 did not mean the automatic return of the properties to the rightful owners, and it took another 20 years (until 2017) for the Bagdat estate to be restituted.


However, the vineyard had deteriorated by that time and a new, prosperous one was rebuilt from the ashes of a painful past. Much like the history of this region, nature has persevered in surviving thanks to those who sacrificed themselves for its restoration. 

In the following years, the vineyard changed its name to Domeniile Dumbrava, and its surface grew while the types of vines diversified. We have the traditional Dealu Mare – Feteasca Neagra, but also Merlot, Feteasca Regala, Pinot Noir, Tamaioasa Romaneasca and Cabernet Franc.


Our wines being D.O.C. means that our grape growing and winemaking processes are closely supervised by the national wine regulators and that high standards are followed under grape quality regulations. Every year our vineyard and wines are controlled by the wine regulator and getting the D.O.C., in the end, means the supreme reward and it translates to being part of a small and select community of exceptional wines. 


This ensures that our wines are at the same high standard throughout the seasons and it guarantees you best wine possible.

Our aim is to push the boundaries and to reach the peak in the craft of winemaking to create a memorable, profound experience which will set a new standard for this industry. Our wine is thought to be a standing ovation of the traditions and to mirror the heritage of our land – we want those who drink it to find in their glass not only a unique experience of taste and flavour but also a sublimation of a dream. 

Great view of the vines in our vineyard