Landscape showing our region

Dealu Mare is a hilly land stretching for 50 km West to East in the Southern part of Romania. Situated at the same latitude as the Bordeaux region, it benefits from the same climate whilst also experiencing a microclimate created by the protection of the hills. 

Hills around Dealu mare as seen from our vineyard

Mediterranean plants such as the almond and the fig or olive tree can be found here.

Once covered by the Sarmatian sea, it was inhabited by the Thracians, Dacians then the Romans. Here, Christian practices created the area’s foundation proven by a large number of stone crosses and churches; this is a realm of traditions and ancient practices, where one can find himself immersed in the history of the Romanian people. 

Vines have grown here as far back as the 14th century, and the quality of our winemaking is known worldwide.

For those who want to enjoy a day or weekend out, besides visiting the vineyards of the region, one can go to see the Thracian necropolis, the Dacian village in Naeni, the Sculpture village, or the monumental crosses scattered throughout the area and witness of the rich past of our heritage.

We work hard to grow and care for the plants all year round – through the four seasons.

View of our region from the vineyard
Vineyard during spring
Tractor working our field during autumn
Tractor working our field in vineyard

Presently, the Dealu Mare DOC has a new “meaning” with the founding of new wineries, such as ours, that rely on the terroir of this area, the Romanian traditional varieties and, of course, the making of signature wines.

Certainly, Dealu Mare Vineyards are worth discovering on a study trip, from winery to winery, to fully understand our story and history.